Having experienced God's love firsthand, we can't help but ask Him, "Lord, what can we do for you today? How can we help people love You and obey You more?"

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

If we honestly look at the Christianity that we see around us we can't help but conclude that something is drastically wrong. The Church that Jesus died for seems to be weak and powerles and even obselete.  It need not be that way! 

God is calling all people everywhere to turn to Him in truth.  People all around the world are awakening to the Truths that have always been in the Bible.  We are well aware that what you will find on this page is not extensive, but it is our hope that the few writings on this page can further your pursuit of God Himself and His plan for His people.

What is a Christian?

What is a follower of Jesus REALLY like?  Surprisingly, the religious world has been very sloppy about defining what characteristics a follower of Jesus must have.  Is attendance at a religious "service" and trying to do "good things" really what Jesus died for?  NO! 

What is a Christian: Many people claim to be "OK" with God, but what does it look like when someone is actually consumed with a love for God? It's much different than "going to church" or being a "good person". God literally makes you into a new person. Wonderful! Do You Believe a Book You've Never Read?: Do we LIVE what we SAY we believe? Do we really treat the Bible like the most important book in the world?
The Many and the Few: Only a few enter through the narrow door leading to life, but many are on the path to destruction. How the Word of God is Nullified: Jesus said that there are ways for us to make God's Word completely unproductive in our lives! Good teaching--even Jesus' teaching--can be made of no effect in our lives. Let us hear this warning.
I Try: Is it enough to just try to obey God? Many people try, but few enter (Luke 13:24) Legalism, Grace, and Faith: This article describes a call to obedience based on faith which differs considerably from legalism. Obeying God is a response to His grace.
The Sin of Complaining: Everywhere you go, people are complaining. Take a look at how seriously God views complaining.  

What is a Church?

Most people probably think of a "church" as a building.  They can point to it on the street corner.  They can "go to church" every week.  But in the Bible there were no buildings that people pointed at and said, "there's the church."  The idea of "going to church" would have made no sense to them at all.  What, then, is a real Church?

The Purpose of the Church: Why are we here? It is to display to the whole world how wise God is! That's a big calling! We are not here to engage in religious rituals or socialize. We are here as Jesus' representatives. Wow! How Does a Christian Grow?: I used to think that the only ways to "grow" in my faith was to read my Bible, pray, and listen to sermons. Was I in for a surprise! God has so much more. I had ignored all the Scriptures about building each other up...
DAILY Relationships with PURPOSE: Let's admit it. Most of us can relate to getting together with "church friends" for an entire evening and never even mentioning God or his Son. The church is so much more than this! Small Cell Groups Don't Solve the Problem: There are many ways in which "small groups" or "cell groups" fall short of what God is really after. Let's not accept anything less than 100% of what God wants.
We Have a Good Pastor... REALLY?: How do we know if our "pastor" is a "good one"? Knowing Greek, being a good speaker, wit, humor, nice, friendly... what is he like at home? How's his marriage? What does the BIBLE say about qualifications of a leader?