Having experienced God's love firsthand, we can't help but ask Him, "Lord, what can we do for you today? How can we help people love You and obey You more?"

About us...

We really want this site to be about Jesus, not us. :-)  Everything on this site is free; we will never sell anything.  And we aren't trying to recruit people.  Our goal is to point people to Jesus and to help people dedicate their entire lives to Him--to love Him with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength!

We are just a bunch of people from Grand Rapids, MI who have been learning to know God better and love Him more, while helping each other to become better friends of His.  Together, we have been teaching people to love and obey God for over ten years.  We certainly don't have it all figured out!  We continue to benefit greatly by relationships with those who have been further down the Path than us. 

It is impossible to overlook the lukewarm state of Christianity today.  Many are weak and faltering, but Jesus came so that we can be "more than conquerors."  It's true!  And so, we want to help people who are in bondage to sin by helping them trust Jesus more fully and find the freedom that only He can bring.

Feel free to email us at RealPeople@ObeyGod.com